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Expert Witness Code 0402
Professional Summary:

This Ph.D. (EE, Cambridge University, England, 1979) is the president of a California company in the business of electronic design since 1979.  His core business is the design of electronic controls for the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) market, including inertial measurement, autopilots, electrical power controls, RF systems and video technology.  All of these technologies involve power supplies, a specialty of his company.  This Ph.D. has a wide scientific background, and is able to provide expert testimony and assess both the performance and the newness of various technologies.  While this is primarily useful in Intellectual Property disputes, it has occasional applications in other types of cases.  This firm handles both civilian and military applications.

  • Analog Design
  • Conventional gyro systems
  • Data Communications Links (RF)
  • Dedicated Audio Links (RF)
  • Digital Design
  • Embedded Control Systems
  • GPS Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Inertial Measurement Units
  • Joystick Design (Games)
  • Magnetometer / Compass Systems
  • MEMS Technology - gyros, accelerometers, pressure
  • Power Supplies
  • Receiver Design (RF Data)
  • Testifying and ITC Experience
  • Transducer interface
  • Transmitter Design
  • Video Links (RF)
Additional Information:
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
  • M.A. (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
  • B.A. (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
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