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NEWN offers Value Added service. Our Experts are pre-screened, cleared for conflicts, availability and technical relevance prior to submitting them for consideration.

NEWN's case management services are perceptively and promptly performed. Case management is facilitated at no additional charge through CaseManager™ a sophisticated relational database of consultants, lawyers, parties and case histories designed to manage the complexities of each engagement.

There is no cost for NEWN services until an expert is engaged. There are no outside fees and no markup on expenses.

Consultant services include:

  • Technical Consulting
  • Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Patent Mining
  • Pre-Litigation Research
  • Testimonial Consulting
  • Laboratory and Testing Facilities
  • Online Training in Scientific Subject-Matter

"We want to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your work and assistance in the management of this matter. We have notified the attorneys in our office of your availability as an Expert on a wide variety of engineering issues and fully expect that you will be working with our office again in the near future."