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Expert Witness Code 2246
Professional Summary:

This University Professor has taught both undergraduate andgraduate students, including courses in circuits, electricity & magnetism,integrated circuit fabrication, optical fiber theory and applications,semiconductor optical properties and devices, and a seminar on professionalissues (career choices, personal & corporate ethics, and intellectualproperty.)  He holds thirteen patents inthe general areas of optical sensors and photolithography. As a consultant toindustry, he has worked on optical fiber sensors for acceleration, pressure,temperature, electric field, pH, physical measurements of gases, includingflow, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and viscosity. He alsodeveloped an optical fiber sensor for monitoring the curing of thermosetresins. Other research interests include infrared imaging, three-dimensionallithography, microfluidics, and methods for infrared sensing of conditionsinside coal- fired boilers to improve control and efficiency. As an expertwitness, he has supported patent litigation in a range of semiconductorfabrication technologies.

Prior to his academic career, he was a Member of theTechnical Staff at the Murray Hill (NJ) Bell Telephone Laboratories, working inthe groups developing the first visible light red and green light-emittingdiodes (LEDs) and the GaAs heterostructure laser. His work at Bell Labs wasprimarily involved with materials characterization (optical, thermal, latticematching, etc.). 


§  Bio/Med Engineering

o  BiomedicalDevices

o  Catheter Devices

o  Equipment Failure

o  Medical Lasers

o  Ultrasonics/Phaco

§  Electrical Engineering

o  Electromagnetics/RF

o  IC Chip Fabrication

o  Lithography

o  Patent Litigation Support

o  Photonic Devices

§ Lasers, Optics& Devices

o  Fiber & Integrated Optics

o  Imaging & Display Systems

o  Laser & LEDApplications

o  Laser Safety/Forensics

o  MEMS Devices

Additional Information:
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering (Valedictorian), Columbia University

    Litigation Support Experience
  • Expert Witness in myriad patent infringement matters
  • Subject-Matter consultant for patent infringement matters
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