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Expert Witness Code 2707
Professional Summary:

This Ph.D. has 50 years experience as a successful builder and manager of High Technology companies.  He is a solid technical innovator as demonstrated by his patents and publications.  His major areas of expertise include Opto-Electronic Communications, Optical Networks hardware and software, Secure Optical Communications, and Underwater Optical Imaging and Communication.  He has provided management support to several startup companies and has also been expert witness in a patent infringement case.  He was one of the inventor and major contributor to the deployment of two revolutionary fiberoptic seismic arrays: FIBERSEIS, a 1024 channel array for oil exploration deployed in the mid 1980s, and ARIADNE, the first U.S. NAVY underwater optical array for submarine detection deployed in the 1990s.  This Ph.D. has lectured extensively in optics in the US, Europe and Asia. 

  • Active Fiberoptic Components: Lasers, LEDs, Photoreceivers, Optical Amplifiers
  • Fiberoptic Local Area Networks
  • Fiberoptic Sensors
  • Fiberoptic Telecommunication Systems
  • Free Space Optics: Ground to Space, Space to Ground, and Airborne to Spaceborne platforms
  • Integrated Optics
  • Non-Linear Optics
  • Passive Fiberoptic Components: Splitters, Couplers. Cross-Connect Switches, Filters, Interferometers, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Waveguide Arrays
  • Secure Optical Communications
  • Single Mode and Multimode Optical Fibers
  • Underwater Optics
Additional Information:

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

M.S., Electrical Engineering

B.S., Electrical Engineering 

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