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Expert Witness Code 5484
Professional Summary:
This expert witness has over 40 years of software development, consulting, and expert testimony experience in many aspects of the computer field, from micros to mainframes, and in all areas of programming.  He is experienced in engineering, developing, product marketing, project management and company executive.  His forensic investigation experience includes reverse engineering.
  • ·         Code Comparison 

    ·         Computer Forensics

    ·         Computer Hardware

    ·         Computer Peripherals

    ·         Computer Software

    ·         Database Applications

    ·         eDiscovery 

    ·         Electronic Discovery

    ·         Hardware: PCs and compatibles (Pentiums, etc), Network Devices, Hardware Internals, Workstations (Apollo, HP, Sun), HP 1000, HP 2100, HP 150, DEC PDP family, IBM 8100, IBM S/23, M68000s series.  IBM Mainframes and compatibles.

    ·         Languages: C#, C++, C, Java, Assembler, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, PL/I, PLS, REXX, EXEC2, JCL

    ·         MS Windows Applications

    Additional Information:
    • MSEE
    • BA Mathematics

    Expert Witness Services;

    • Antitrust
    • Claim Construction
    • Class Action
    • Contract Dispute
    • Copyright
    • Deposition
    • Expert Witness Reports
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Fraud
    • Intellectual Property
    • International Trade Commission ( ITC )
    • Patent Analysis
    • Patent Litigation
    • Patent Portfolio Review
    • Pre-Litigation
    • Prior Art Research
    • Product Failure
    • Product Liability
    • Technical Consultant
    • Trademark
    • Trade Secret
    • Trial Testimony
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