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Expert Witness Code 7855
Professional Summary:

This expert witness has more than 43 years experience as a consultant, programmer, and software company entrepreneur.  He has 26 years experience in the PC software area. He has designed and implemented numerous commercial software products and has been an independent consultant since 1973.  He has served on the national board of the Software Publishers Association ( now known as the Software and Information Industry Association ).  Much of his development and consulting experience has been in the health care industries.  He has programmed in more than 20 programming languages, some of which he designed and implemented himself.  In addition to being a successful serial entrepreneur, he has worked as a management consultant for many startup and early stage software companies. 

  • Developing quality assurance programs
  • General consulting for legal firms, including software patent and copyright issues
  • Management consulting for startup and early-stage software companies
  • Medical software design and development
  • Software interface design and usability analysis
  • Software product design
  • Systems analysis
Additional Information:
  • M.S., Clinical Psychology
  • M.S., Computer Science
  • M.S., Computer Science
  • B.S., Mathematics

Expert Witness Services;

    • Deposition
    • Intellectual Property
    • Patent Analysis 
    • Patent Litigation
    • Pre-Litigation 
    • Prior Art Research
    • Technical Consultant
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