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Expert Witness Code 9792
Professional Summary:

This Expert Witness is a founder and managing partner at a firm specializing in technology commercialization and business development.  He has broad experience in the research and development of new technologies and products, most recently as Vice President of Technology and Chief Technical Officer at a major chip technology company.  

Prior to joining, he was Flip Chip Product Manager, instrumental in the formation of FCT.  Previous to this he was responsible for the development of advanced flip chip manufacturing equipment and flip chip process development at IBM in both New York and Virginia.  He is recognized worldwide as an expert in flip chip and wafer level packaging technologies.  He has spoken at numerous conferences and published many papers in the field.  He is the holder of several patents related to IC packaging technology.  


§  Ball Grid Array (BGA) IC Packages

§ Chip ScalePackages (CSPs)

§ Engineering

§ Failure Analysisof IC Packages

§ Flip ChipTechnology

§ Image SensorPackaging

§ Land Grid Array(LGA) IC Packages

§ Lead Free Solder

§ MEMS Packaging

§ Metal Thin Filmsfor IC Packages Wafer Plating Processes

§ Patent LitigationSupport

§ Polymer ThinFilms for IC Packages

§ SemiconductorPackage Design

§ SemiconductorPackaging

§ Solar CellInterconnects

§ SolderElectromigration

§ Thru Glass Vias(TGVs)

§ Thru Silicon Vias(TSVs)

§  Wafer Level Packaging

Additional Information:
  • M.S., Manufacturing Systems (University of Wisconsin)
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering (University of Wisconsin)
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